About as

GRIFA doo, a company for goods and services operating in the domestic market since 2001. year.

The main activity is the interior fitting room furniture for different purposes according to their own projects GRIFArt team or performing the design of many external collaborators of architects, designers, design offices, design studios. General business is focused on quality and functional product that you get for using skills, knowledge, experience and cooperation with reliable partners with domestic and foreign markets.

Advocating since the beginning of a number of foreign renowned manufacturers and distribution shackles the same domestic furniture manufacturers, we have put in a certain segment of the market higher standards of quality and design, allowing the final products to be more perfect. Sale of shackles is done through wholesale manufacturers, merchants, joiners, architectural offices and through retail sales to end users.

GRIFA in recent years developed its own production of interior and furniture that Created, produced and installed within their organization by providing customers with the highest level of service in this field.

GRIFArt furniture is a blend of quality and function for which they were responsible professional and creative staff, quality assets, plate and other materials from reputable suppliers and built hardware and mechanisms of their own GRIFA imported range.